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The overall concept of the VideoSense-VCE is centred on the need for a deeper cooperation between the technological side and the ethical side of the data analytics technologies and applications within security.  The key contribution that VideoSense-VCE offers to both involved communities is a clear path towards more rationally organised and structured European research in the area addressed.  The VideoSense-VCE will be founded on the basis of well-established existing excellent capabilities and resources in the area, and it will foster and further promote this excellence by joining efforts, sharing human, knowledge and technical resources as well as promoting its extension beyond the boundaries of the initial core Partners.

The VideoSense-VCE will conduct joint collaborative research studies focused on the most challenging problems, respective solutions and outstanding issues to be resolved in the adoption of multi-modal data analytics with a privileged attention to Video Analytics.  This comprises, but is not limited to:

  1. Privacy-respecting Ethically-compliant Deployment;
  2. Infrastructural & Architectural,
  3. Modelling, Algorithmics and Use-Contexts,
  4. Integrative Adoption and Business Architecture.
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