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tubTUB participates in VideoSense with two of its research groups: the Communication Systems Lab and the Distributed Artificial Intelligence Lab, of Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science.
  • The Communication Systems Lab was established in 1989, chaired by Prof. Thomas Sikora since 2002. Teaching and research activities of the Communication Systems Group encompass most areas of digital signal processing for multimedia applications.  The main research focus is on content-based analysis, description, segmentation, classification as well as coding of speech, audio, and video data.  The lab has participated in many large scale projects that the current proposal can benefit from.  Amongst them are: German BMBF project Sensing People,  German BMI project Security for Railway Infrastructures  for audio and video surveillance with partners Deutsche Bahn, Siemens, and Bosch,  NoE PetaMedia, whose aim is to bring together the research of four national networks in the Netherlands, Switzerland, UK and Germany in the area of multimedia content analysis (MCA) and social peer-to-peer networks and eventually to establish a European virtual centre of excellence; K-Space, a network of leading research teams from academia and industry conducting integrative research and dissemination activities in semantic inference for automatic and semi-automatic annotation and retrieval of audiovisual content.; VISNET I & II, an NoE with the mission of creating a sustainable world force in Networked Audiovisual (AV) Media Technologies.  VISNET II was a network of excellence for integration, research and dissemination plans, bringing together 12 leading European organisations in the field of Networked Audiovisual Media Technologies, 2D/3D AV systems and home platforms; Field trials were conducted on surveillance applications.
  • The Distributed Artificial Intelligence (DAI) Laboratory is chaired by Prof. Sahin Albayrak and has since its inception bridged between research and industry.  Its research interests are in the areas of agent technology, wireless communication and technologies, smart filtering algorithms, data mining, and related services and applications.  Its six Competence Centres represent the main focuses of DAI-Lab, from which Security, Information Retrieval & Machine Learning, and Network & Mobility are relevant to VideoSense.  The Security group works on the design and implementation of autonomous security solutions, Information Retrieval & Machine Learning group has strong expertise in the technologies of semantic data extraction and analysis, and the Network and Mobility group focuses on the next generation of networked applications such as Semantic IPTV.  The DAI lab has contributed to SIS, a National project - Secure Intelligent Services haptic-based (paraph) security service for usable authentication, based on machine learning algorithms and information theoretic analysis.  DAI-Lab is also a partner in the ongoing FP7 project PERIMETER, which aims to establish a new paradigm of user-centricity for advanced networking in multiple-access multiple-operator networks of the future Internet.

TUB will bring to the NoE its expertise on audio and video surveillance algorithms and systems, signal processing, machine learning, semantic modelling, ontology management, and recommendations through its tools using Semantic Web technologies.

Responsible Person: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Thomas Sikora


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