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thalesThales Security Solutions & Services (THALES) is the entity of THALES Group, providing security solutions for citizen, critical infrastructure and mass transportation. Thales Security Solutions & Services employs almost 2000 persons in its headquarters in Vélizy-Villacoublay near Paris and more than 3500 persons throughout its worldwide locations. THALES is a systems integrator combining an extensive local presence with key technologies and capabilities needed to provide turnkey integrated systems that support safety and security requirements of energy industry, airport operators, mass transport operators, urban security services and government agencies. Mastering business, functional, logical and physical aspects of security, THALES provides global solutions: supervision systems (buildings, events, critical areas, mass transport networks), IT security systems (IP video systems, information systems, emergency call centre, command and control centre), identification and authentication systems (access and border control, ID document production and issuance), CBRN (Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear) threats and risks detection, fare collection and ticketing solutions for mass transportation networks and signalling solutions for railways systems. THALES has a long-standing expertise in providing large scale video surveillance solutions including video recording and video analytics. Thales Security Solutions & Services is currently deploying a huge Urban Security solution including more than 8000 IP video cameras, recorders and video analytics for the city of Mexico. THALES main interests in the project are: Networking, Standardisation, Architectural concepts and SLE issues related to the use of video surveillance. THALES is involved in several collaborative projects aimed that will lead to standardisation among which: i) LINDO (Eureka – ITEA2) on large scale video recording architecture, metadata generation and retrieval, and ii) QUIAVU (ANR – France) on evaluation of the quality of still images extracted from a compressed video stream. Additionally THALES is leading or partnering in several collaborative research projects: i) Effisec (FP7-SEC 2007) aiming at the development of an automated checkpoint with biometrics recognition (including face recognition); ii) Video-ID (ANR-France), to use video surveillance means to detect abnormal situations, tracking people using soft biometrics and identifying them using on-the-move iris recognition; iii) Canada (ANR-France), detection of abnormal behaviours in shopping malls using video surveillance cameras; iv) IMSK (FP7-SEC 2007) that will use video cameras to detect intrusions, abnormal behaviours, crowd movement monitoring; v) Lindo (Eureka-Itea 2) on large scale video recording architecture, metadata generation and retrieval; vi) ASPIS (FP7-Transport 2007) video back-boxes and wireless communication links to transfer video records to first responders; and vii) Internal projects on detection of anomalies in large video surveillance systems (failure, out-of-position, blur, masking…). Additionally THALES is the only industrial partner of the BIOSECURE NoE (on biometrics).

Responsible Person: Christian FEDORCZAK


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