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ISR (Intelligent Systems Research Lab) is a multi-disciplinary research centre at the School of Systems Engineering, University of Reading. The School also incorporates Cybernetics and Electronic Engineering and is engaged in global-scale research collaboration with key industrial sectors, as well as major multi-national corporations, and, leading intermediary organisations in the public and private sectors worldwide. ISR members and research associates have a track record of successful collaborative research projects in a number of enabling technologies underpinning ambient intelligence, cognitive and ontology-based engineering and intelligent media computing, for example:

Creative, collaborative social spaces computing, secure model-driven and service-oriented architectures, behaviour modelling, social network modelling, profiling management, virtualisation, ontological networks, agent technologies, semantic grid, semantic web integration, security and privacy enhanced data and identity management (e.g. including using RFID), semantic video interpretation and multi-view data mining, modelling and tracking. Multi-agency workflow integration and decision support, web services matchmaking, bundling and provisioning, smart transcoding for dynamic media adaptation, semantic-cooperative middle/upper-ware for multi-agency cooperativity support.

Responsible Person: Prof. Atta Badii


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